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Feast of Saint Joseph - March 19th. . Amalia Jewelry

Feast of Saint Joseph - March 19th

March 19th was dedicated to Saint Joseph in several Western calendars by the 10th century, a custom established in Rome by 1479 called the Feast of Saint Joseph or the Solemnity of Saint Joseph or simply Saint Joseph's Day it's the principal day of the Saint.

Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus and spouse of the Virgin Mary, is a figure who embodies humility, strength, and devotion. His role as the chosen guardian of the Holy Family holds immense significance in Christian tradition. As we explore his life and virtues, we invite you to commemorate this inspiring figure with our beautiful 18k solid gold Saint Joseph medals.

Joseph, a descendant of King David, was a skilled carpenter from Nazareth. He accepted the divine plan when Mary was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit. Throughout his life, Joseph displayed great faith, courage, and trust in God. He protected the Holy Family from danger, such as when King Herod sought to kill the infant Jesus and raised Jesus as his own.

The virtues of Saint Joseph, such as humility, obedience, patience, chastity, and diligence, make him an ideal role model for spiritual growth. In modern times, Saint Joseph remains a powerful symbol of quiet strength, humility, and unwavering faith. His life serves as a reminder to trust in God's plan, even when it is difficult to comprehend.

There are two primary feast days dedicated to Saint Joseph: Saint Joseph's Day on March 19, celebrating his role as husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus, and Saint Joseph the Worker on May 1, honoring him as a model for workers and patron of the universal Church.

Our exquisite 18k solid gold Saint Joseph medals are a perfect way to honor this humble and devoted saint. Beautifully crafted, these medals serve as a constant reminder of his virtues, guidance, and protection. They make an ideal gift for loved ones or a meaningful addition to your own collection of devotional items.

By wearing a Saint Joseph medal, you carry with you a symbol of faith, humility, and obedience, drawing strength from his example and seeking his intercession in your spiritual journey. Let our 18k solid gold Saint Joseph medals inspire you to live virtuous lives in service to God and others, as you look to Saint Joseph as a source of guidance and hope.



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