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Terms of service

  • We have many styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to offer, so you and / or your child can always find what you are looking for
  • We have different styles of earrings such as screw-backs, post, hanging, hoops and lever-back, so you can choose what is more comfortable for you and your child. Remember to close your earring properly (not too tight, not too loose) and check them periodically so your child does not lose them. Keep in mind that even screw-backs can come off or loosen up.
  • Bracelets come in a wide range of models and sizes such as: ID bracelets, baby bangles, and our very popular half bangles. (Half bangle on the top & charms hanging to bottom). We also have charm bracelets with either in-line or hanging charms. Please choose according to your taste but keep in mind your child’s age (younger kids tend to put things in there mouth and may bite or dent the dangling charms).
  • Our necklaces come in different lengths, with charms that are hanging or in - line. We also have a beautiful range of chains that come in plain gold or with enamel.                
  • Our enamel pieces are LEAD FREE; we use soft and hard enamel, and we have a large assortment of colors that can only be matched by your child’s imagination.


Caring & Cleaning your Jewelry

  • We recommend that you have your children’s jewelry cleaned by professional jewelers who understand hard and soft enamel; if they do not know about enamel, they may damage it. You can request a free cleaning from us by sending us an email to info@amaliajewelry.com. Remember that the enamel in your jewelry is not guaranteed; the enamel may wear off when in contact with chlorine, sea water, some body or solar protection creams, etc.
  • If you do not want to take your merchandise to a jeweler and you would not like to send it to us at Amalia Boutique here is how to clean it:
    • Gently place some baking soda on and around your jewelry piece
    • let it sit for 20-30 seconds
    • rinse with warm water.