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Amalia Jewelry & Boutique is an 18 karat gold jewelry store that brings you a trendy and high quality line of jewelry for kids and adults.

We specialize in unique enamel and all gold jewelry pieces for kids. Our line is of the highest quality while at the same time fun for kids and attractive for parents, all made in made in Italy, always in 18K gold and with high quality & lead free enamel with the purpose of avoiding infections and allergies. Children’s skin is sensitive, so the purer the gold, the less risk the pieces pose of infections or allergies. Amalia Children's Fine Jewelry has the largest selection of 18K children's post & screw back earrings, bracelets & charms for kids. We also carry a full collection of 18K gold medals & religious pendants as well as trendy pieces for every age. Playfulness is added with exacting styles and vibrant lead free enamel colors; but if you prefer something more elegant, we have pearls, diamonds or plain gold jewelry as well. For teen's we also offer a collection by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in Silver.